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Menapia Guitars was born from my love of music and my passion for carpentry. I was born and raised in Wexford town and left school to pursue  the family trade of carpentry, learning the trade first-hand from my own father. It was actually my eldest brother who introduced me to rock music at the tender age of 10. From then on, it was only the riffs and tones of guitar rock that could satisfy the pleasure receptors in my eardrums! Jimmy Page and  Jimi Hendrix were my very early influences, progressing then to Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani to name but a few!

Over the years I taught myself how to play the guitar always trying to reproduce the music I fell in love with. I owned many guitars. Parts were bought, sold and traded in an attempt to create that elusive sound that so many musicians strive for.  In 1994 I built my first ever guitar and it was then that the seeds were sown and I knew that this would eventually be what I ended up working at. While working as a carpenter, I would spend all my spare time and money building my own guitars from scratch. Throughout the years, friends approached me with ideas of their own and I built for them, delighted with the opportunity to gain the experience. In 2012, I finally decided to take the plunge and turned my hobby into a fully fledged guitar building business and hence the birth of Menapia Guitars.  

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