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Repair Service

Menapia Guitars offers a comprehensive repair and upgrade service


Basic Guitar, Acoustic or Electric / Bass Set-up        €50/€45


String change (guitar only)

Bass strings, if required, can be replaced and added to final total

Conditioning of fretboard (Rosewood and Ebony) and polishing of frets 

Lubricating pots and switches

Adjustment of saddle heights and setting of intonation

Final adjustments made on collection to suit customers' requirements


*Any other issues I come across, I will inform you about prior to carrying out additional work. 


Full Guitar/Bass Set-up              €100

​As above with fret leveling and re-dressing


Fretboard replacement       from €275

Includes maple fretboard, mother-of-pearl or abalone inlays, frets etc.

Ebony or Rosewood will cost extra

Replacement neck               fr​om €370

​Includes 1-piece neck, maple fretboard, truss rod, mother-of-pearl or abalone inlays, frets etc. 

Also includes fitting of the new neck + set-up


Replacement Body                                

from     €250  Unfinished

from     €450  Finished



from      €250 and will include a set-up on the guitar.


Fabric re-finish

from      €300




​Guitar String Change                                             €25    (including strings)

Bass String Change                                                €15 + cost of strings

Cut and fit of  Bone Nut  from                             €25

Pick-up Installation                                                €35 + €15for each additional pick-up on the same guitar

Machine-head Installation                                    €25 (€60 including set-up and strings)

Fret levelling/dressing                    from              €70

Full re-fret                                         from            €150

Partial Re-fret                                                          €15 for the 1st fret, €10 per fret thereafter

Headstock Repair                            from              €70 

Custom Wiring                                 from              POA



*priced accordingly


For any other work not listed above, please feel free to contact me on 087 2343228





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