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Latest Custom Builds

DC custom Strat


Sooo ya might have noticed this isn't yer typical strat and fair play to David he put a lot of thought into this guitar from the 25" scale length to the 12" radius down to the nashville style bridge , so without further ado " the Spec's "
Body 2 piece Alder and book matched Sycamore with a 50's style forearm contour that the cap has been moulded too.
Neck Flame Maple , Flame Maple fretboard with custom star inlays .
Pickups Lace Sensor blue and gold in the neck and middle and a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge with coil tap from the volume pot , Gibson Bridge , Schaller tuners , bone nut and Graph Tech string tree . 
String through body for that extra sustain , 6105 fret wire , double action truss rod , so you can sleep at night and all wrapped up in Morrells 440B 2 pack lacquer .

JF Custom Strat

This is John's second Menapia Custom the last was an LP , I wonder what he's going for next . 
The thing John most wanted with this was to have the finish, thin enough to get all the tone from the swamp ash but still have enough nitro to protect the guitar and keep a neutral and natural vibe throughout the guitar . I think the specs and pics tell the story , enjoy .
Body 2 piece Swamp Ash , Neck 25" scale Flame Maple with a Birdeye Maple10 /12 compound radius fretboard and Abalone inlays .
Pickups are Custom made Wiggins Brand ( pretty cool stuff ), Schaller Bridge , Schaller tuners , bone nut and 6105 fret wire , double action truss rod , Nitro lacquer .

Monroe #9


This is a one off telecaster meets a mandolin but not just any tele but Wilko Johnson's tele ,which was pretty cool to build, I don't like building replica instruments, but love doing these kinda one off tributes where I get to go a bit of the norm and have a bit of fun with it .
Again big thanks to Pete at Almuse for the custom work on pups and hardware .
Enjoy Roger .

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