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Menapia Guitars is now on Youtube!


August 23rd 2013

James Mulvaney and The Menapia Monroe

The brilliant James Mulvaney kindly offered to do a demo on The Menapia Monroe. Thank you James!

Unfortunately, while I can build the guitar, I cannot give you the ability to play like this guy. I think he demonstrated brilliantly the versatility of this guitar. 

August 20th 2013

The Monroe Bass

My son Kyle started playing the electric guitar a few years back and is actually a pretty decent player! Back in May, he had the opporunity to join a band, only problem was, they needed a bass player, not a guitarist. So Kyle decided to challenge himself and took up playing the bass. It was also an excuse for me to build the first Monroe Kyle's spec, of course! He loves it and finds it very easy and comfortable to play. 

Hope he keeps up the guitar playing too!

August 8th 2013

Louis on The Dagda

Louis playing The Menapia Dagda using the Piezo in combination with the pick-ups and through a Marshall JCM900 amp.

August 6th 2013

Rory checks out The Monroe

I had a visit from Rory from Divine Invention on Tuesday evening and he, being the un-camera-shy man that he is, kindly agreed to share a few licks. He's playing the Menapia Monroe through a JCM900 Marshall amp with Boss pedals and is playing the P-Rail in the neck position.  

Courier Service

now available

I am pleased to announce that from May 13th and in association with DPD couriers, I can now offer a courier service to my customers. This will allow you to have your instrument picked up by a courier, delivered to me for repair or modification and then returned to you when I have completed the necessary work. The charge on this service is just 20 euro's. Optional insurance is also available.

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