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I'd known about Menapia Guitars for a while as being one of the most respected guitar builders around. What is truly unique about a Menapia is, that if you visit your local guitar store (unless you live in Wexford) it's unlikely you will find one.


But what's special about Menapia is that you can make an appointment with Marty and design your own!


My introduction came via some much needed repairs and set-ups on my other guitars , so upon my last visit to Menapia, I thought it was time to have my own custom model constructed.


From that point we discussed tonewood for the body, neck and fretboard, then colour, pick-ups. bridge etc.


The best part from then on was the weekly progress report via a dozen or more weekly photos sent by Marty so I could watch the build unfold.


So in the end, it wasn't long before I was presented with the handcrafted custom built beauty that is now my main guitar in my band, Kerbdog.


Billy Dalton

Billy Dalton


Joey Kennedy

"Valerra Tele"

I got Marty to build me a fairly standard Telecaster with a few changes.

I based my specs on a few different Brad Paisley guitars, Lindy Fralin pups, vintage tuners and bridge, Maple neck and Ash body.

I wanted a typical Tele headstock with a twist and Marty delivered!

I also went for a fabric Paisley finish on the body and headstock.

I was delighted when I received the guitar. It came straight out on the road with me and is still one of my main gigging guitars.

What most impressed me was the maple neck......very smooth, slick and unreal to play.

Well worth the price.


Joey Kennedy   -   Valerra


IStephen Donegan
"Menapia Rose" 

I commissioned my Menapia custom in August 2012, The Menapia "Rose". From the first meeting I knew I  had made the right choice in selling my Les Paul to fund the purchase. Marty is a gent and a professional through and through. He helped with choosing tonewoods, hardware, wiring and pick-up configuration, neck scale length, profile and fretboard radius, so I got the guitar that I always dreamed of. I hand chose all the woods including the figured top and fretboard, the inlay style and material. I have to say, on the day I picked it up, it was like Christmas morning and I wasn't disappointed! It was better than I had ever dreamed. Since picking up my custom guitar, I've had him set-up 2 more of my guitars and he has transformed their playability also. My Menapia Rose is my number one gigging guitar now and I'm delighted to live just miles from such a talented luthier. I'm already planing my second purchase.

Cheers Marty, See you again very soon!!!!!


Stephen Donegan  -   Run for Cover   


Anthony Wilmott
"The Monroe"

The first time I met Marty was through a visit just to check out some Irish Custom guitars. I was unsure as what to expect, but as soon as I walked into the reception room at his house, I couldn't help but to stare and drool and the guitars that were on display there! I knew from the first strum of the Tele copy that I was going to be leaving with a deposit down on my own custom build. The whole experience, from picking my tone woods, to shape, to electrics was made even more exciting by Marty's enthusiasm and great knowledge of his trade. Once the build had started, through Facebook,  Marty had a constant feed of pics documenting all the details of my build and illustrating the whole process. I couldn't wait for the next upload of pics to come!!! Now that the build is finished he even let me help with picking the name for the series of Menapia Guitar which is The Monroe, due to it's curvy behind! But overall, I am blown away with the quality, sound, playability and overall feel of the guitar......and that's coming from a guitarist who owns U.S, Strats, Les Pauls and Martins. What's even better then is the price that my fantastically hand crafted guitar cost! I won't say an exact price but I will say that it was in the same region of a bog standard U.S. Strat that thousands of people the world over own. So, bottom line, you won't be disappointed taking the leap to an exclusive custom guitar and I bet you won't be able to put it down once you get your hands on a Menapia.



Anthony Wilmott   -   Santoni

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